It was a great experience to participate in the 3rd International Summer School on Organic Photovoltaic Systems! The courses familiarized us with this field efficiently giving us very useful knowledge and the lectures were always at our disposal. Also, trough the programme, we had the chance to take part in both pleasure and educational trips at the city of Kavala!


My first summer school was a really great exrerience. Lecturers were all well-informed and the knowledge I got from them will be definitely helpful in the future.

I really had a great time. I met new people from different places of the world. For me it wasn't only a scientific experience but a cultural as well. Thank you for everything!

International Summer School on Organic Photovoltaic Systems is an amazing experience! It was something new to me and I can say that I was impressed! The lectures were specialized but comprehensible and the lecturers were very friendly and helpful!

I received impressive information and knowledge about photovoltaics that I believe that will help me in my future career. But beyond the specialized knowledge, we had the opportunity to meet people of different ages and origins, with common interests. We learned about different cultures and global energy needs and capabilities. This experience was also cost-effective, considering the combination of knowledge and vacation in the beautiful city of Kavala!

At first, I was a little bit hesitant but finally thanks to a friend of mine, I decided to participate in ISSOPVS seminar! Teachers were too kind to all of us and they were also well informed, too! Definitely, it was one the nicest experiences I have ever had! This was my first summerschool experience and propably will not be the last! Seriously, I don't have words to describe! Thank you!


ISSOPVS - 2018 International Summer School on Organic Photovoltaic Systems was a bridge to more overhauling of knowledge and aptitudes, and a readied link between research improvement and practice.

The instructional content was custom fitted appealingly by those in the best positions to give them, and to the individuals who were most viable to utilize them primarily in a specified vocation parallel to photovoltaic technology.

Most generously, it was very cost-effective and administered in a delightfully friendly environment.

International Summer School on Organic Photovoltaic Systems for sure is one of the greatest and most memorable experiences of summer! Based in one of the most wonderful cities of Greece, it combines a high level of knowledge with dream vacations!

I highly recommend it! Thank you all!


My first year in the ISSOPVS was in 2016 and was really a great experience. I had the opportunity to attend classes in specialized fields of photovoltaics, such as organic. Theoretical knowledge was supplemented with field trips and lecturers were experienced scientists from all around the world.

I also had the opportunity to attend, along with foreign bachelor and master students, as well as big company CEO and share ideas, discuss and exchange experiences. This summer school gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge horizons and gave me unforgettable memories.

This summerschool was an amazing experience! I believe that the knowledge and information that came from the lectures will help me in my future career. But of greater importance was getting to know the whole group, going out and making friends from different countries and having so much laughter and such great conversations. The teachers were really helpful too!